150,000+ nature photos added to the site

Over the weekend I migrated my photo collection from to

Mongabay’s growing maturity as an institution is the motivation for this action. The site has evolved from a collection of personal projects to a multinational news organization. Therefore it makes sense to discontinue or migrate some of the projects that are no longer well aligned with Mongabay’s focus.

Additionally, in the next redesign of Mongabay, there will be a new emphasis on photo galleries from a wider range of sources. Removing mine will clear the path for these new offerings, which will be higher resolution and more attractively presented.

My photos are not gone: The full archive will now live on this site.

By Rhett Ayers Butler

Rhett Ayers Butler is the Founder and CEO of Mongabay, a non-profit conservation and environmental science news platform. He started Mongabay in 1999 with the mission of raising interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife.