Media appearances

Sun Valley Forum appearances, 2023

Last week I participated in the Sun Valley Forum. Beyond meeting lots of interesting and inspirational people, I did a fireside chat with the forum’s founder Aimée Christensen on the state of reporting from Nature’s frontline; conducted interviews with author David Ewing Duncan and artist/activist Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri; and moderated the “Mega Deals For Nature” panel involving David Banks, Chief Conservation Officer at The Nature Conservancy; Mike Coe, Senior Scientist at the Woodwell Climate Research Center; and Agustin Silvani, Sustainable Finance Lead at Conservation International.

All the videos should be published online soon.

By Rhett Ayers Butler

Rhett Ayers Butler is the Founder and CEO of Mongabay, a non-profit conservation and environmental science news platform. He started Mongabay in 1999 with the mission of raising interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife.